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Year End Max Awards
& Show Results (page bottom)

QCDC Year-End Award Classes
QCDCchampion rosette
In order to promote friendly competition among riders the Queen City Dressage Circuit holds a year end awards program. These awards are presented at a banquet held in the Greater Cincinnati area in December. Awards are given for points accumulated during the show season at QCDC recognized dressage shows, provided the entry blank for each show is correctly filled out (☛check the QCDC box).
QCDC maintains the standards required by the USEF & USDF. All rule books from these organizations are available online. Competitors and trainers are responsible for knowing these rules as they apply to sanctioned shows.

Please check to see that your judge is licensed with the USDF or USEF in order to be eligible for Year End Awards.
QCDC Show Cancellation Policy:
Riders are encouraged to complete show requirements for that year as early as possible in case a cancellation occurs. For 2018 we are requiring a minimum of 4 shows at 3 different locations. The QCDC board expects that its “member” barns will not cancel their QCDC sanctioned shows. However, if a cancellation/rescheduling does occur due to weather conditions, unplanned events, or any other situation that is beyond QCDC’s control, QCDC will not be held responsible

QCDC uses points accumulated during the show season will be given in the folowing categories:
USDF Introductory Level Tests A thru C Jr, Sr
Training Level Tests 1-3
First Level Tests 1-3
Second Level Percentage (%)
Third Level Percentage (%)
Fourth Level & above Percentage (%)
Musical Freestyle Training Level & Above
Musical Group Rides Pas de Deux & Quadrille %
Champion, Reserve and Ribbons through 6th place
Awarded in December at The Dressage Company Banquet
Invitation will be e-mailed.
For 2016 we are requiring a minimum of 4 shows at 3 different locations.

See p. 7 of Omnibus or e-Omnibus for point system.
The same horse/rider combination must show to QUALIFY at a minimum of 4 shows at 3 different member locations. A horse/rider combination must:
1) Ride no more than 2 consecutive levels at a show (USDF, USEF Rulebooks DR119.2). Competitors and trainers should review the USEF Guidelines on the Welfare of the Horse in the 21st Century, especially Section II. G. 1-3. Those competitors preparing for USDF/USEF shows should review the current drugs and medications rules.
2) Points will be given according to scale below only to 6th place. One participation point awarded to each place after 6th place.
Points for QCDC Year End Awards are accumulated by a graduated scale depending on the number of completed rides in each class. Example:
3 riders - 3 pts. for 1st, 2 pts. for 2nd, 1 pt for 3rd.
7 riders - 7 pts. for 1st, 6 pts. for 2nd, 5 pts. for 3rd, etc.
8 -10 riders/class - 8 pts. for 1st, etc.
11-15 riders/class - 9 pts. for 1st, etc.
16 + riders/class - 10 pts. for 1st, etc.
3) In addition to High Point totals YEA awards, a High Percent (%) Award is given for the single highest percentage (%) score at a division level.
4) YEA given to 6 places. Riders are responsible for checking point totals.
5) Have a current negative Coggins test to present at every show. All riders must wear proper hemets when mounted.
☛Rider must mark the correct box on Entry Form if scores are to count toward Year End Awards.
QCDC uses the USDF Freestyle tests. If sufficient entries warrant, a Training Level MFS award will be given. A freestyle at any level requires movements from the highest test of the level. Riders are responsible for downloading and reading the current USDF score sheet.
QCDC High Percentage Award
An award will be given for the single highest percentage score at each level: Introductory,
Training, First, Second , Third & above, Musical Freestyle, and Musical Group Rides.
A $15.00 YEA late fee is assessed when a rider requests that his/her
scores be included in the calculations for Year End Awards after a show.
has concluded.
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Awesome Award Sign
Awesome Outhouse Award NOW RETIRED!

We truly appreciate all the attention our barns take with their facilities!
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Classes Offered at ALL QCDC Shows
1. USDF Introductory Level Test A Junior
2. USDF Introductory Level Test A Senior
3. USDF Introductory Level Test B Junior
4. USDF Introductory Level Test B Senior
5. USDF Introductory Level Test C Junior
6. USDF Introductory Level Test C Senior
7. Training Level Test One
8. Training Level Test Two
9. Training Level Test Three
10. First Level Test One
11. First Level Test Two
12. First Level Test Three
13. Second Level % class: State test on entry
14. Third Level % class: State test on entry
15. 4th Level & Above % class: State test on entry
16. Musical Freestyles Training, First, etc.
17. Musical Group Pas de Deux and Quadrille

A copy of your horse’s Negative Coggins is required with each entry.
Class Fees: $25.00/class
Stabling: Is Available. Contact individual show managers.
Miscellaneous: Some special classes have lower fees. See individual show bills.
Late Fee (if applicable): $10.00
• A JUNIOR Rider is 18 years old and under as of January 1 of the show year.
• A SENIOR rider is 19 years old and over as of January 1 of the show year
• Music must be presented on a cassette tape or CD. State on entry.
• Indicate size of arena needed for Freestyle on Entry Blank. Standard arena preferred.
• Miscellaneous: Some special classes have lower fees. See individual show bills.
•COURTESY CLASSES INCLUDE WESTERN OR GAITED DRESSAGE. Currenty these are not offered YEA, but Dr. Nancy Nicholson has sponsored Western Dressage YEA. See e-Omnibus for details.

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Vintage Award Rosette
QCDC Vintage Awards - Honoring Our Senior Horses (RETIRED)
Dr. Nancy Nicholson has apprediated all riders of all ages! We still salute our senior horses and riders!
• 60 - 70 total years (Vintage Junior)
• 71 - 80 total years (Vintage Senior)
• 81+ total years (Vintage Ancient)

Awsesome Outhouse thumbnail
Click HERE to see amenities! (RETIRED)
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See Home Page for the YEA PDF documents for 2017.Remember that the YEA are for the show year just completed.

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